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DESK.WORKS is leading the strongest office trend of our times: mobility.

Now you and your company don't have stick to the same old office location.

Grab your notebook, gather your team, and get right down to business no matter where you are right now, there's a workspace near you.

Who is it for?

DESK.WORKS is ideal for freelancers, start-uppers, entrepreneurs and any other kind of free-roaming business(wo)men. If you travel a lot for work, DESK.WORKS makes it easy to find an office desk near you, no matter where you happen to be.
This works both ways, too: co-workings, companies and individual workspace owners can offer their own desks for temporary or long-term rental to other users.

You need a desk?

With DESK.WORKS, working in random cafes and hotels is a thing of the past. To get started just download the app, sign in with a registered account or your social media login, and use our simple search tool to find a desk where you need it. It's really that simple to enjoy stunning workspaces around the world, meet new people and get inspired for work!

You have a desk?

If you have one or more workspaces to spare, don't let them go to waste—let them make you some money instead! Users registered through our app or website can post ads to let the DESK.WORKS community know about their workspace locations. Promote your office, develop your network and make some money on the side: it's a win-win deal.

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Flexible payments

You travel a lot, working from different locations almost every day? We get it. For power users like you, we've got a monthly subscription plan so you never have to worry about where to find your next desk.

Okay, you only move around once or twice a month? No problem! When crunch time comes and you need a reliable workspace for the day, we've got you covered. Simply book your desk with a one-time daily fee.

  • $ 20
    DESK.WORKS daily fee
  • $ 99
    DESK.WORKS subscription
    (5 bookings + 1 free)

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